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NATO App - Chibs Black

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What is your In-Game Name? Chibs Black

What is your age? 19

What is your steam 64 id? 76561198087173740

What is your current location and timezone? GMT +1, The netherlands

Why do you want to become a member of the NATO?(Minimum 100 words):
I have over 1700 hours in arma 3 which i have mostly dedicated to playing Cop and NATO on most communities. So i know the drill. I know all the rules within takistan and within NATO. Also have i been SWAT sniper before so i have a good sense for sniping and mostly sniper overwatch. i am a good driver i like just driving around and going as fast as i can and this way training myself to become better and better. Also negotiation is a great skill of mine, i am a good talker everyone tells me. But more importantly i am an actual mediator in the making. I always calm people when ever they are talking to me and this is very usefull within hostage situations.

How often do you play on this server?
planning to play 20hours a week

Have you ever been in this role before? if so provide evidence.
Ive been in a lot of pd's NATO's Swat's SO's over my life and I cant prove all of them I don't have any screenshots of my ts tags. I use to be SWAT cpt on a Lakeside server. 

What is the highest rank you have ever been before? (on any server)
Dept. Sherrif

Can you confirm that if your application reaches the next stage, that you will be able to attend the teamspeak interview? 



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Your application has been accepted. Message me in Teamspeak and I'll give a time for an interview. 

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